Get to Know More About our Executive Staff Members

Tri Nguyen

Tri Nguyen is the founder, CEO and President of BioCure. Tri opened the doors to BioCure in January 2012 and has not looked back. Tri brings his innovative entrepreneurial style to BioCure by expanding out of the traditional biologic focused specialty pharmacy. In 2014 the first expansion outside traditional specialty pharmacy was into the home infusion immune globulin market. With success in IVIG and SCIG the next step was to move into the third site of administration - physician office infusion. Tri has brought the vision and leadership to BioCure to enable success in the often difficult independent specialty pharmacies space. Prior to BioCure Tri worked at AcariaHealth in Houston Texas. Tri holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Houston.

Tri lives in Houston Texas with his spouse and three daughters. He is an avid car enthusiast and enjoys weight lifting, the beach, and spending time with his extended family.

Jennifer Horn

Jennifer Horn is the Executive Vice President of Sales for BioCure since 2014. In her role she serves as a member of the senior leadership team overseeing all sales and marketing activity. She has an integral role in oversight of growth of both franchises, and has championed many winning moves for BioCure, including the robust home immune globulin infusion program and the physician in-office infusion management offerings. Jennifer brings over 25 years of healthcare experience in various pharmacy settings and has led both large and small healthcare sales organizations. Jennifer has had various roles with leading companies over her career including Gentiva Health Services, Accredo, Chamberlin Edmonds, MedAssets, and BioFusion. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Sciences-Chemistry from the University of South Florida and Master of Business Administration from Emory Goizueta School of Business.

Jen lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her spouse and two sons. She is an avid lifelong athlete participating in bicycle racing, snow skiing, watersports, and CrossFit.

Rachel McNew-Nguyen — Director, Corporate Administration

Rachel is one of the founders of BioCure. Rachel helped open the doors to BioCure in January 2012, and has held several leadership roles. Rachel has been in the pharmacy world since she was 16 years old. She leverages her depth of pharmacy knowledge to champion many successful initiatives for BioCure focusing on specialty pharmacy services. Rachel’s number one focus is patient care, making staff feel at home, and providing stellar service to our sites. Rachel holds a B.S. in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Houston, and is a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

Rachel lives in Houston Texas with her spouse, three daughters, and her Old English sheepdog, Charlie. She enjoys traveling, exercising, and spending time with loved ones.

Deanna Smith — Clinical Pharmacy Manager

Deanna Smith--- Clinical Pharmacy Manager, joined the BioCure team in 2014. She loves talking with patients to help them understand how to take their medication, counseling, and answering their questions. She especially enjoys helping the provider and patients succeed with obtaining the treatment prescribed when faced with insurance and financial obstacles. Deanna is passionate about educating people in their healthcare benefits and obtaining the care that they need. Deanna has been a Pharmacist for over 22 years and has worked in the field of specialty pharmacy for over 15 years. Deanna has an extensive background in working in specialty pharmacy. She has previously held positions as the Pharmacist in Charge at Wal-Mart Specialty Pharmacy as well as a Pharmacist for both Prime Therapeutics Pharmacy and Perform Specialty Pharmacy. Deanna holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Florida A&M University, and is Certified Specialty Pharmacist.

Deanna lives in central Florida with her husband and three children. She loves exercising, specifically cycling, and lifting weights. She also enjoys dining out and spending time with her family.

Cindy Askew — Director, Reimbursement

Cindy Askew-- Director of Reimbursement, joined the BioCure team in 2013. She has worked and managed all aspects of medical reimbursement with BioCure’s specialty pharmacy and IG franchises. Cindy is responsible for revenue cycle infusion management including primary/secondary insurance payers, and manufacturer patient assistance programs. Cindy has over 25 years of healthcare experience including hospital, medical health plans, and specialty pharmacy.

Cindy has one teenage daughter and enjoys spending time with her family in the country in her free time. She also enjoys new adventures with lifelong friends.

An Nguyen – Accounting/Finance Supervisor

An Nguyen--- Accounting/Finance Supervisor, joined the BioCure team in 2014 and has held several roles within the company. An currently oversees all accounting and financial aspects within BioCure to assist practices in managing their financials. An is a Houston local and graduated from the University of Houston Clear Lake. When not at work, An enjoys cycling, sports, and video games.

Kevin Sherman - Senior Developer

Kevin Sherman-- Senior Developer, joined the BioCure team in 2014. Kevin relocated from Michigan to Texas in 2009. He has been writing software from video games to engineering systems for 20+ years. He has been married to his wife Ashlie since 2016 and they have two beautiful kids. When not writing software, he likes to play guitar and to travel when the opportunity arises.

Kristen Gould — Nurse Manager

Kristen Gould --- Nurse Manager, joined the BioCure team in 2020. Kristen is driven by providing the highest level of patient care, from initial contact with the patient through successful treatments and follow up. She is dedicated to building, training and mentoring the Nursing Patient Care teams throughout the country with the same passion, energy and commitment she has exhibited since her very first patient as a floor nurse at MD Anderson. Caring by nature, with a long career in infusion therapy and nurse management, Kristen works diligently with our cross-functional teams to provide clinical expertise to colleagues, patients and staff. She received her BSN from the University of Texas Health Science Center and has dedicated her career to improving the lives of all those that surround her. Kristen has been married to her husband, Bobby, for 25 years and they have two sons. She loves spending her free time golfing, snow skiing, wake surfing as well as enjoying live music.

Aley Paul - Director of Account Management

Aley Paul-- Director of Account Management, joined the BioCure team in 2022. She previously worked for BioCure for several years and then returned to the team in 2022. She brings over 24 years of experience in Medical Revenue Cycle Management (Front End/Back End) and has worked the last 15 years with Physician Infusion Management services. Aley and her husband Prince have been married for 22 years and have two beautiful daughters, Priya and Hannah. She enjoys cooking Indian dishes, watching Indian language movies, and loves traveling.

Judy Anderson — Infusion Services Manager

Judy Anderson - Infusion Services Manager, joined the BioCure team in 2022. In her role she is responsible for making sure there is a seamless transition from order to treatment. Judy brings with her 30 years of experience in the medical field, with 23 of those years in infusion management experience, working with teams in insurance verification, prior authorization, collections, client billing, payer policies and compliance. Judy lives in Pearland with her husband and two sons. She enjoys camping and the outdoors. She is the Scout Master of Troop 486 where her oldest son is an Eagle Scout and her youngest is on the trail to Eagle.


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