Patient Services

BioCure is a full-service Pharmacy. We are dedicated to providing physicians and patients with the highest quality of professional service. Given the ever-changing and regulatory nature of the pharmaceutical industry, we understand the challenges medical practices and patients face today.

  • BioCure is reachable by local, toll-free phones, and by fax.
  • BioCure will coordinate with manufacturers' external reimbursement programs and not-for-profit financial assistance foundations.
  • BioCure will assist with any prior authorizations and other appeals, processes requested by insurance companies.
  • BioCure offers patient education, drug demonstration, and will coordinate on-site injection training support with our nursing coordinator.
  • BioCure has a multilingual staff that speaks both Vietnamese and Spanish.
  • BioCure will provide any ancillary support needs free of charge.
  • BioCure has trained pharmacists to counsel patients on medication usage, storage, and to educate patients on potential adverse reactions.
  • BioCure will coordinate with physician offices on scheduling of medications.
  • BioCure will work closely with patients and their physicians to optimize a medication plan that fits their lifestyle.

Physician Services

Experience MD Portal:

We are improving compliance through technology. Secure and unique, our online portal allows you to view your prescription work list, modify and submit prescriptions with just a point and click. You will have access to delivery tracking, insurance approval status, patient contacts and summaries.

Providing Medication Service in the Specialties of:


Office Infusion Management

In-suite Convenience

  • Complete Space Planning
  • Flushing
  • Continuous Control of Patient Process

HR Management

  • Skilled and Experienced Infusion Nurses
  • Scheduling and Appointment Confirmation

Financial Risk Management for Financially Secure Infusions

  • Specialty and Experience Dependent Oversight
  • Freedom from Joint Accounts
  • No Invoicing for Drugs
  • Admin Task Reduction
  • Reduction of Labor Costs
  • Quality and Accurate Billing

Insurance Services

  • Fee Schedule
  • Pre-Certification
  • Verification and Pre-Determination of Benefits
  • Comprehensive Review of Managed Care Contracts
  • Active Participation in Renewal Negotiations
  • Assurance of Proper and Timely Payer Reimbursement

Maximize Patient Comfort

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Familiar Surroundings
  • Reduction in Out-Of-Pocket Expenditures
  • Dependable Nursing Care
  • Lifestyle Support

Supply Chain Management

  • Drug, Supply Purchasing, and Inventory
  • Medications timely available to coincide with patient's infusion Schedule